Pulling back the curtain of my Spellbound Spring 2023 launch

April 7, 2023

I’m v nosy and looooove when entrepreneurs share the dirty laundry of their businesses. Not only do I find it fascinating, but I think it’s really helpful to get a real-life example of actual numbers, actual obstacles, and actual results.

I launched a new program on Wednesday March 29th called Spellbound: The Magic of Client Attraction. This was a group program designed to lead entrepreneurs to create a business that attracts dream clients on auto-pilot, using their human design. The launch was open for 1 week and doors closed Wednesday April 5th. 


I’m a Projector in the human design system. My Strategy is to wait for the invitation. 

I was not overtly invited to create this program. No one specifically reached out to me and invited me to create this.

But, I’m a huge believer in soul invitations. My soul…my heart…directly invited me to create this. 

I was really longing and desiring to create a group container that helped my clients create their marketing, content, and messaging in an energetically aligned way. I also wanted to help guide my clients to a place where it felt easy, fun, and natural to sell to their audiences. 

Although I didn’t get any type of external, overt invitation for this program, I did receive a ton of recognition. In my Facebook group and in my 1:1 readings, the #1 question I got asked was “how do I attract aligned clients with my design?”

For Projectors, personal recognition is everything and I had that from my audience.

However, I like to think of this as co-creating the recognition, rather than waiting for recognition. Almost every week I would ask in my FB group ‘what questions do you have about your brand and business?’ 

For Projectors, co-creating recognition and invitations is an aligned and expansive way to create a successful business that is completely in line with our strategy.

The same goes with Manifesting Generators and Generators…you can very much co-create things to respond to you in your business. 


As soon as this soul invitation arrived (showed up as a very exciting idea), my Authority said YES. 

I’m a Self-Projected Projector, which means my Authority is in my defined G-Center. For me, I talk to myself in the mirror (😆) and if I feel a tingle/flutter in my chest and neck, it’s a Yes. If I feel nothing, it’s a No. 

This was a huge, almost hot sensation that came immediately as soon as I said it out loud. 

My Authority was on board. I knew it was the next energetically aligned step in my business. 

The Prep

I started preparing for the Spellbound launch in January of this year. It was my goal to launch it by the end of Q1. 

In order to make sure I really took care of my energy (non-sacral here), I decided to drastically decrease the custom design clients I was taking as well as the 1:1 Brand Readings. This was really scary since these 2 offers were my only offers and all of my business revenue, but my Authority had given me a yes. My mind has been freaking the F out for literally all of this year, but my Authority had said yes….so that’s what I kept putting my faith into. 

I knew I wanted to do a really big, fun, and valuable launch for Spellbound. My overall marketing strategy for my business is to share my ideas and information as much as humanly possible (Moon placements in Gate 11 and Gate 42), but I wanted to share even more value for the launch. I got the idea to start a free masterclass series (thank you again, Authority!) and launched that new initiative in February with the free Environments masterclass. That was a massive success and left me absolutely buzzing. That had been a really encouraging affirmation that I was seriously on the right track with Spellbound and the end of quarter launch. 

In addition to preparing the masterclasses, I put a lot of energy and intention into being consistently active in my Facebook group and emailing my email list once a week with really valuable content. 

While I was taking active measures to “do” things for this launch, the most work was happening energetically. Since January, I had spent 30 minutes to 1 hour every single night in my bathroom (the only place in my house where I could get some peace and quiet lol) in front of a space heater practicing my belief in Spellbound. 

I would visualize its success. I would visualize emails and messages flowing in from clients telling me all about the massive results and miracles they were experiencing in the program. Every single day I practiced believing that Spellbound had been a massive success. At the time, my goal for this launch was $24,000. I worked every single day on becoming the version of me that had created a $24,000 launch. 

Pulling the Trigger 

Pre-launch officially started the day I announced the Dream Client Attraction masterclass. I was scared out of my mind. Up until that moment I could have easily created an excuse to not actually go through with the Spellbound launch. It felt like a huge energetic moment when that masterclass was announced. 

I spent 2 weeks promoting that to my list, in my Facebook group, in other Facebook groups, and I even created a FB ad with a total budget of $75 lol. 

For some reason (looking back, I think this was totally led by my mind), I decided to track how many people were registered for the masterclass. 

Like I mentioned above, every single day I put my full intention and full energy into actively becoming the version of me who had created a $24,000 launch. 

The moment that I put my faith in numbers (the number of people registered for the class), was the moment I let my mind take the lead instead of my Authority. 

I wanted 333 registrants for the class. I got more than half of that within the first 24 hours, but then it started to stall out. And my mind started to freak out. 

I started thinking things like “omg, I need to post this here and there and share it there too”. “I need to do more!”…and other pressure-filled, anxiety-causing thoughts. 

It felt awful. 

Then, I ripped up my little post-it note that had that 333 person goal on it. 

It didn’t matter. The numbers and the circumstances and what it “looked” like didn’t matter. I had not spent the last 3 months practicing my beliefs every night to suddenly doubt my Authority and let external stimuli determine my outcome. 

Once I shifted back to putting all of my faith into my Authority and my energy, I felt stronger than ever. At that point, the $24,000 goal felt so real. I truly already believed it had happened. I decided to up my launch goal to $50,000. 

First Day of the Launch

At this point, I felt so great and so confident. The sales page was done. The masterclass was written. The energy felt really high-vibe in my group and on my email list. 

I had wanted to practice the masterclass 5 times all the way thought (lol, I see you undefined sacral), but I ended up only having time to run through it in bits and pieces, so I felt nervous about that part. 

But after a few minutes of being live and seeing everyone on the other line, I started to feel so confident and calm. I was still nervous for sure, but the doubt was gone. 

Then it was time to announce Spellbound live on the call. I knew that Spellbound was a truly transformative offer. I knew that it was of high service. I knew that it was my masterpiece and the culmination of everything that I had done so far in my business. But my mind took over! I suddenly felt shy and almost guilty about sharing it. I felt like I had delivered its introduction pretty clunkily. 

Even though my confidence felt rocky at that point, I was still able to shift back to putting my faith in my Authority. I had gotten a Yes all those months back. I was doing something so right and so aligned. 

With all of those months of visualizing and practicing seeing my goal come to life, I had gotten myself to a point where I believed Spellbound would sell out the first hour it was open. I seriously believed that. 

And that definitely didn’t happen. 

Not even close. 

That first afternoon and evening after announcing Spellbound, I probably refreshed my email approximately one thousand times. And not one sale came in. 

My mind was FREAKING OUT. It was telling me that I’d made a huge mistake, this had all been a waste, I ruined my business, and everyone hated me. 

I was trying to reroute all of those thoughts back to my belief in my Authority, but it was getting increasingly harder. 

Complete Ego Death

The next morning I woke up and eagerly checked my email, sure that there would be sales that came through.


I tried to distract myself with various doing tasks…the shadow of my undefined sacral was telling me to do more. That would solve it. The shadow of my open heart was telling me to drastically lower the price. That would solve it. My undefined root was telling me to offer more and make it wayyyy harder on myself because it was too easy right now and easy isn’t how you create success. Yes, that would solve it. 

At about noon that day, I started crying. Just like a deluge of tears. I couldn’t stop crying. At this point, I believed it was all over. This business I had put so much time and love into was dead. It was all over. I had failed. I was wrong. But the worst part was I suddenly felt like I had no idea about anything anymore at all. The entire belief system I had built my life on (trusting that my Authority was always right), was suddenly toppled. It all felt completely out of my control and like I was just this tiny person at the mercy of unseen and completely random circumstances. 

I cried from noon to 10 PM that day. Didn’t stop once. I tried to write an email to my list but couldn’t stop crying long enough to get anything out. Finally, I took some Nyquil (not something I do often) and went to sleep.

I woke up that next morning still completely defeated. My little mind was done. I had mentally given up on this launch and my business. 

Recommitting to putting my faith entirely in my Authority 

I’m not sure what shifted…maybe it was the great sleep from the night before….maybe it was all of the unprocessed emotions I’d been holding onto had been shed from all the crying…but I suddenly got a jolt of hope again. 

I had been called to this. This was a massive goal. This was an incredible thing I was going after. It’s not supposed to be easy and the fact that it wasn’t easy was actually a good thing. Faith isn’t faith if it’s something your mind can believe.

In that moment, I recommitted to my goal and, more importantly, recommitted to living a life so delusional and crazy that I had no choice but to rely on my Authority and on God to actually bring it to life. 

I hadn’t checked my emails and at that point still thought I had no sales. But I believed again. I was trusting in me again. I was trusting in my calling again. And that felt amazing. It felt scary as hell. But that’s exactly what I had spent all of those months practicing. I had been training for a marathon. And this was exactly what I had been training for. Regardless of the results, the visible “proof”, or the sales, it was my job to believe fully that my $50,000 launch was real. 

Then I checked my email, and had made my first sale. 

The Rest of the Launch

I have to also admit, I played with reducing my goal. I played with changing my goal to $5,000. I played with expecting less than I actually wanted. 

But if I let myself be someone who quits before the game is even over, then I wouldn’t know myself. 

I looked at my chart. I looked at my endless notes and plans and dreams for Spellbound. And I trusted. I trusted that my Authority was right. I trusted that my actual system for attracting dream clients was right. I trusted.

And then slowly but surely, they started to flow in. Throughout that week, I had made 6 sales. 

And then the last day of the launch, now completely back to fully trusting my own vision, my calling, my Authority, and the Universe/God, 7 more sales came in. 

Final Results

The launch ended with 15 sales and a total of $33,330. 

I didn’t get my $50,000 goal, but I surpassed my original $24,000 intention. A core belief of mine is that everything is working for me. And it is. I believe I felt compelled to raise my goal from $24k to $50k in order to ensure I overshot so much that the $24k goal was inevitable. I believe that my complete meltdown and ego death the second day of the launch was exactly what needed to happen in order for my feeble mind to get back in the passenger seat so my wisdom and energy could start driving again. 

All in all, it was the most incredible experience. It was a very delusional and unrealistic goal. I mean, $24k from a single launch was something that sounded outrageous when I first declared it. I had only ever had one launch before and it had created $6,000.

The only two places I sold Spellbound were my Facebook group and my email list. 

My Facebook group has about 600 people in it and most of my posts only get about 200 views. 

My email list has 1,200 people on it and the highest open rate I get is 50%, which means at best 600 people see my emails. 

I didn’t have a huge audience. I didn’t have any external proof that I could do this. 

But my Authority had said yes. And my chart had given me guidance and comfort that this was my calling. I was meant to do this. 

I’m incredibly grateful and thrilled with the results of this launch, but the biggest joy was how supported I felt throughout it. I felt like I was running a marathon and that everyone in my audience was on the sidelines cheering me on. That was something that I didn’t expect and it was the most thrilling, heartwarming, and affirming thing I think I’ve ever experienced in my life. 

Without human design and being able to put my faith in it, this launch would not have been possible at all. It really is a magical, expansive, and mind-blowing system.

And the moral of this story: you can trust yourself. 

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  1. Vanessa Naja says:

    I absolutley love you sharing this launch experience. I’m honored to be in Spellbound and can’t wait to get started!!! You’re amazing at what you do and I know this is just the beginning of something huge!!!

  2. Reshma says:

    I loved reading this. Relived a lot of my own launches😅 and realised we all go through them. And we get through as well. The only thing to do – Keep going and remember why you started in the first place! Congratulations on the launch, also hoping I’ll be able to join Spellbound some day! ❣️ And all the best with the batch!

  3. Caroline says:

    Wow, amazing story and super inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing in so much detail 🙂 I really wanted to join Spellbound but wasn’t the right time for me, maybe next time! 😉

  4. Linda says:

    I love this line, “Faith isn’t faith if it’s something your mind can believe.” So true. And if it were easy, where would the growth be? Thank you for sharing your journey!

  5. Aurora Hawkins says:

    Hello, I purchased Color Alchemy class and finally finished watching it today! I would love to join Spellbound – though it would seem that I’ve missed the 9/6 deadline. Would I be able to become enrolled in the next round? If so, would a payment plan be available?? Please mk, I’m stoked to hear from you soon!

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